Make Your Own 1.6kg Sweet Jar

Original price was: £18.99.Current price is: £17.99.

Create your personalized Pick ‘N’ Mix Jar! This is our 1.6kg/2.5L sweet jar, capable of holding approximately 1.5kg to 1.7kg of sweets.

Please note that the actual final weight may vary depending on your selection of sweets due to the diverse sizes and weights of different sweets. However, we assure you that your jar will be filled to the top!

Our 1.6kg jar allows for 15 fillings, giving you the flexibility to choose from our assortment of sweets. Enjoy the perfect mix with our customizable Pick ‘N’ Mix Jar!

Each sweet selection is approximately 100g. Depending on the weight and size of some sweets, it might be a little less or more.

Note: You can view the full ingredients for all our sweets here. If you have any concerns regarding ingredients or allergies, please contact us before placing an order.

Original price was: £18.99.Current price is: £17.99.
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